The 48HFP Trailer Challenge
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The 48HFP Trailer Challenge

Presented By indie Film Loop

It's that time of the year where filmmakers from all experience levels are coming out and dedicating themselves to making and completed films. Then all projects all final projects will be turned in and screened and enjoyed by friends, family and film enthusiast alike. It is the 48 Hour Film Project in Atlanta!

Something NEW - This year we are adding a 48 Hour Trailer Challenge!
With marketing being a HUGE part of filmmaking that tends to be overlooked by indie filmmakers, we wanted to emphasis just how important it truly is to get audiences excited about seeing your work! So, submit your 48 Hour Film Trailers and let's start creating the buzz the will be heard all throughout the community!

What Will The Winner Win

The TOP winner of the 48 Trailer Challenge will receive four (4) All Access Passes along with the winning trailer to be screened at the BEST Of Screenings (or Award Show) in August.
NOTE: Our All Access passes include entry into All Screening Groups, Wrap Party & Award Show!
Trailer Criteria: Time Limit: No more than 48 secs in length Max
Make Sure To include: Screening Group, Date and Time.
Media Format: 1080p. H.264. Mov. MPEG-4

Submissions Start Tuesday July 3rd at 12pm
Submissions End Thursday July 5th at 11:59pm
Trailers will start being posted on July 4th based on order of submissions we receive.
Trailers will be posted and showcased on the indie Film loop FB page for tracking:

Each Like Recieves 1pt
Each Comment Recieves 2pts
Each Share Recieves 3pts
The Trailer With the most Total points Between July
Note: Multiple comments from a single person that is not unique will be subtracted if trailer counts are close or if deemed necessary. Management team will determine


Click Here To Submit Your Trailer

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