Atlanta's 48 Hour Film Project Thanks To Paula & Gabe
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Atlanta's 48 Hour Film Project Thanks To Paula & Gabe

Looking Back As 2017 Rolls In For Atlanta's 48HFP

Open Letter,

Since 2008, I've been a true advocate of the 48HFP and have been involved in every aspect from role player to team leader, to community partner and sponsor. As a participant, we have won it all and lost it all (lol). But, as that is only a result of participating, my focus has always been about building relationships. Without the 48 hour film  experience, I would have never met some of the many professionals that I know and work with today. Probably wouldn't known how to stay calm in frustrating situations either. It has truly been a pleasure to learn, grow and connect with the community in various ways. But, as I am honored to be receiving the torch as Atlanta's newest 48HFP's City Producer, I would also like to extend my humble gratitude and thanks to our past City Producers, Paula and Gabe.


With over 150 participating 48 Hour Film Project cities, from Paris to LA and everywhere in between, Paula and Gabe have successfully developed Atlanta's 48HFP to be one of the biggest participated cities around the world. For eleven years, their passion for building a vibrant film community has been amazing to witness and I am 100% sure... well, at least 99.9% sure, since their is always a troll somewhere (lol), that the community feels the same way. So, as we move into 2017 and try to expand on the foundation these two have built, I am excited to see what Paula and Gabe have planned for the future and I wish them the best on their endeavors!

As this year roles around, me and my team have already been working in the background to set dates and more. So far, the project dates are looking to be July 7-9 2017 and we will make the final announcement soon. But, I would also like to get the voice of the community in on other aspects like theater locations for screening the films, meetup options, potential prizes, awards and more! I'll be putting a poll out in our FB and meetup groups, and other outlets from the Indie Film Loop to get as much feedback as possible. The aim is to make sure this year's filmmakers have a great experience, have fun, connect and provide an increased level of visibility for the work they create. I can't wait to push boundaries and I hope you all are ready as well!   

PS: I honestly cant see letting Paula and Gabe leave without some sort of acknowledgment, so I'll be reaching out to the community for ideas and thoughts on what we might be able to do to give our collective thanks to these two as well. #StayTuned


Deontae Trundle
Founder / Managing Parter
Indie Film Loop

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