VIDEO: FX Console Plugin By Video Copilot
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VIDEO: FX Console Plugin By Video Copilot

Increase Your Workflow Speed For Free!

You gotta love Andrew Kramer and his team over at Video Copilot for always giving the public what they need! This time, that need is fulfilled with a FX Console Plugin that is absolutely free and hopefully worthy of making your next visual affects project at least a little bit quicker. knowing what these guys tend to present, it will no doubt be another helping plugin for us to use to infinity and possibly beyond... until the next best thing of course ;)

So, check out the video below of Video Copilot's new FX Console plugin, download and put it into your workflow and let us know how much it helps you get projects done.


Download Plugin For Windows:

Windows FX Console Plugin

Download Plugin For Apple:

Mac FX Console Plugin

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